Springfield Township, Delaware County, PA

The Future

With the start of a new millenium, Springfield Fire Company continues to provide the highest level of fire protection and fire prevention in Springfield Township and surrounding communities. Every passing day presents new challenges for the members of Company 44 and the community it protects. Being a leader in fire service advancements and still knowing the traditions of the fire service is what has made Springfield Fire Company the organization that it is today.

Having plans in place to handle new apparatus needs and with the insight of many members years ago, the Springfield Fire Company is well prepared to be a leader in the fire service for many years to come. As the years go on, the faces and the names will change, but the Mission of Springfield Fire Company will continue to be “the protection of life and property from destruction by fire or other causes, and the advancement of fire protection and fire prevention.”

So as the years continue on, the Members of Springfield Fire Company and the citizens of Springfield Township have an organization that they can be proud of. Being the “Best of the Best” relies on hard work, constant training and dedication. The founding father’s realized this over 80 years ago when they stated that the Motto of this Corporation shall be, “AD SERVIENDUM DEDICATUS” (Dedicated to serving).