Springfield Township, Delaware County, PA

Command Vehicles

44-8A (1998 Ford Expedition) and 44-8C (2010 Ford Expedition)

Springfield Fire Company utilizes three vehicles for the Command Officers, 1998 Ford Expedition, 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer and 2010 Ford Expedition. These vehicles are used by the Chief Officers for emergency response. The Chief Officers respond directly to the scene of an emergency and become the Officer In Charge (O.I.C.) of the incident. If a Chief Officer is not available to respond or the call is minor in nature, the Officer on the first responding apparatus fulfills the roll of the O.I.C.

The 1998 Ford Expedition can also be utilized by firefighters when attending fire schools. The members are able to ride together and bring all the equipment needed for the various fire schools, while not having to use their own personal vehicles.