Springfield Township, Delaware County, PA

Busy Weekend for SFC

On Saturday September 17 four members and an engine went to Clifton Heights Fire Company to cover their station from 9am to 5pm. Crews handled an accident and a building fire while there. SFC crews responded to an accident at Springfield and Britton at 1145am. Three people were taken to the hospital for injuries. The fire company attended two block parties in the township. One on Forrest Road and the other on Midland Road. The fire fighters had a great time and we thank the residents for their hospitality. On Sunday September 18 crews responded to assist EMS on Ogden Place at 1207am, then responded to a fire alarm in the 1400 block of Baltimore pike at 1211am. At 946am crews responded to the mall for a report of a building fire. The were a malfunction with an oven at the pizza shop. One person was taken to the hospital for observation. At 237pm crews responded to a PECO pole arcing on the 600 block of East Woodland Avenue. Crews checked for any hazards and called PECO to respond. Around 3pm crews responded to assist EMS on the 200 block of Midland Road, one person was transported to the hospital by paramedics.

Future Firefighters on Forrest Road