Springfield Township, Delaware County, PA

Another Busy Year 2023

The officers of Springfield Fire Company would like to thank the Township Commissioners for their support of the fire company, without it we wouldn’t be in the position we are today. As we begin a new year we can look back at the dedication and professionalism of the volunteers and part-time staff of the fire company. Below is a break down of some of the calls for service that we responded to in 2023. The fire company would also like to thank State Rep. Jennifer O’Mara who again this year was able to secure grant funds to update equipment in the firehouse saving taxpayers money, and to our community who supports us day in and day out we thank you and look forward to serving you this year.

Total Calls for Service 2023: 892

205 Sprinkler/Fire Alarm Activations
29 Carbon Monoxide Alarms
15 Carbon Monoxide Incidents (Most started out as an alarm)
6 Cover Assignments to other fire companies
39 Electrical Emergencies
129 Building Fire responses
19 Vehicle Fires
106 Medical Assists
5 Elevator Rescues
169 Vehicle Accidents with Injuries
14 Pedestrian versus Vehicle Accidents
10 Motor Vehicle Accidents with people trapped

Total hours spent on incidents was 4,009 and total time spent on training was 2,033.


President Larry Greenwich and Chief Ken Felker