Springfield Township, Delaware County, PA

1999 Sutphen Rescue

Manufacturer: Sutphen Corporation, Columbus, OH

Year Manufactured: 1999

Cost: $330,000

Years of Active Service: 10 Years (1999-2008)

Last Date In Service – December 19th, 2008
Radio Designation – TAC-44

Sold to: Pineville Fire Department, Pineville, LA

Pump Size: 1500 GPM, Hale Mid-ship Pump

Water Tank Size: 500 Gallons

Crew Cab: 6 Personnel (Driver, Officer, 4 Firefighters)

Placed into service on June 19th, 1999, this 1999 Sutphen Light Rescue Truck replaces the 1989 Ford / American Eagle Tactical Unit that was sold in November 1998. Designed by the members of Springfield Fire Company, the unit was built on a 165″ wheelbase, custom Sutphen chassis with Rescue style compartmentation.

Some of the features of unit were: 1500 gpm Hale Mid Ship Single Stage Pump, 500 gallon Water Tank, 6 person raised roof cab, Robinson Roll-Up style compartment doors, 8 kW Amps Hydraulic Generator, 24″ deep Rescue Compartments, 16′ “A” Frame / Extension Ladder and other specialized equipment for motor vehicle incidents.

This vehicle was the first responding apparatus to all motor vehicle incidents and miscellaneous fires in Springfield Township and I-476. This includes: motor vehicle accidents, vehicle fires, brush fires, trash fires, wires down, fuel spills and all other miscellaneous calls.