Springfield Township, Delaware County, PA

1989 Ford/American Eagle

Manufacturer: Chassis – Ford Motor Company, Body – American Eagle, Ocala, FL

Year Manufactured: 1988/1989

Cost: $98,000

Years of Active Service: 10 Years (1989-1999)

Radio Designation – TAC-44

Sold to: Northeast Fire Apparatus, Lancaster, PA

Pump Size: 450 GPM, Hale PTO Pump

Water Tank Size: 250 Gallons

Crew Cab: 4 Personnel (Driver, Officer, 2 Firefighters)

This unit was designed by the members of Springfield Fire Company to handle the Non-Structural Emergencies. This included: Motor Vehicle Incidents, Brush Fires, Fuel Spills, Trash Fires, Wires Down calls, and Medical Assists. This unit was replaced by the 1999 Sutphen Rescue/Pumper.