Springfield Township, Delaware County, PA

1984 Sutphen Pumper

Manufacturer – Sutphen Corporation – Columbus, OH

Year Manufactured – 1984/1992 (Crew Cab Enclosure)

Cost – $150,000

Years of Active Service – 17 Years (1984-2001)

Radio Designation – 44-1 (1984-April 1995) / 44-4 (April 1995 – 2001)

Sold to – Morton Fire Company, Delaware County, PA

Pump Size – 1500 GPM Hale Mid-Ship Single Stage

Water Tank – 750 Gallons

Crew Cab – 6 Personnel (Driver, Officer, 4 Firefighters)

The 1984 Sutphen Pumper was one of the twin Sutphen pumpers purchased in 1984. Engine 44-1 was the first out engine on all structure fires for 11 years until the arrival of the new Engine 44-1 in April of 1995, when it’s designation was changed to Engine 44-4. The crew cab was enclosed during 1992 along with Engine 44-2 for the safety of the personnel riding the apparatus.

The twin Sutphen pumper were purchased after the fire company had worked with township officials to upgrade the aging fleet of apparatus. Having just moved into the modern fire station in 1981, the fire company saw the need to update the firefighting equipment housed in this new building.

Engine 44-1 saw a lot of work during it’s 11 years as the first responding apparatus on all structure fires in Springfield Township.

After being replaced by the 1995 Supthen Pumper, the 1984 Sutphen became the reserve engine for Springfield Fire Company and was changed to Engine 44-4. Still being used as a second responding unit on all miscellaneous fires behind TAC-44, the engine would respond in the place of Engine 44-1 or Engine 44-2 when either unit was placed out of service for any needed maintenance.

Morton Fire Company contacted Springfield Fire Company in October of 2001 about the possibility of purchasing Engine 44-4. Morton Fire Company needed to replace two aging pieces of apparatus with a more modern unit while keeping cost to a minimum.

Springfield Fire Company made this purchase a reality with the approval of the Township Manager and Commissioners.

Springfield Fire Company will be receiving the replacement pumper sometime in the year 2003/2004.